Review: Wet n’ Wild PhotoFocus Foundation

Hey, everyone! Thanks for stopping by. I’m guessing you’re here to see what I thought about the semi-new Wet n’ Wild foundation. Well, I won’t keep you waiting, but I wanted to mention quickly before I get started how I will be doing my foundation reviews from now on. I have five categories, and I will be rating the foundation from 1-10 in each category (one being the worst and ten being the best). After rating it by each individual category, I will get an average score using each category’s individual score and that will be the overall, final score. Using the average score, the foundation will be assigned a letter grade as follows: 1-2=F; 3-4=D; 5-6=C; 7-8=B; and 9-10=A. I felt like this would make my reviews a little more efficient and maybe a little easier to follow. Let me know what you think of my new “grading” system! So now on to the review.

Shade Range. On Wet n Wild’s website, I found a total of 20 shades for this foundation. That is an ample amount of shades to choose from, especially for a drugstore foundation so I think the company did an awesome job on that. When I took a closer look at the shade range, I felt like there were more shades for people with lighter or medium skin tones and fewer for people with deeper skin tones. Even with that in mind, I feel as if most people will be able to find a shade that will work for them. I chose shade “soft beige” and it is just about a perfect match for me, which is nice and so convenient. Because the line offers a pretty good amount of shades to choose from, I am giving this category a score of 9.

Price. I feel like the price of this foundation is really what peaked everyone’s interest and caused many people to give it a shot. At only $5.99, you didn’t have much to lose if you purchased the foundation and ended up not liking it. $5.99 is the retail price, but you can get it for even cheaper if you do a little shopping around. I purchased mine from Walmart for $4.48. I believe this is the cheapest foundation I have ever purchased, and because of how affordable this product is, I am giving this category a score of 10.

Blendability. The foundation isn’t thick by any means, but it isn’t watery or thin either. I think it has a nice medium thickness consistency. Also, the spatula makes it very easy to apply the foundation without making a mess which I adore. Because the foundation isn’t too thick, it is quite easy to blend out onto the skin. I have applied it with both a beauty blender and a variety of different brushes, and I have liked the brush better each time (more about this in the “coverage” category). One very negative thing about this foundation is that it doesn’t dry down. No matter how much time I give it to set, it always remains sticky and wet feeling which I can’t stand. Once you apply a powder over top, it does help although it makes it feel slightly cakey and heavy in my opinion. This foundation is easy to blend, but it definitely has its flaws so I am giving this category a score of 6.

Coverage. The foundation has sheer to medium coverage but more on the medium side of that spectrum. If you are a person that likes more of a full coverage, you can apply one extra layer without it caking up, but I wouldn’t go any further than that. After two layers, a majority of my flaws are covered, but any of them that are more severe are usually poking through slightly. (For this category, more coverage isn’t necessarily better so a score of 1 is least coverage and a score of 10 is most coverage.) I am giving this category a score of 5.

Longevity. This category is one of the most important in my opinion because I like foundations that will last throughout the day without me having to worry if all of my foundation has come off. When I wear foundation, it typically stays on around 12 hours before I remove it. I apply this foundation around 7:30 in the morning before class and then I make an hour drive to my campus. I usually arrive at campus around 9:20 am. I always do a quick makeup check before I get out of my car to make sure nothing funky has happened. Nearly every time that I have worn this foundation, I have needed to blot before I got out of my car to go to class. Then I go to class for a little while (some days and hour and a half and some days about three hours). Once I get back to my car, the foundation is usually a hot mess, and I can’t wait to get it off. I have oily skin and this foundation does a terrible job at holding back any of the oil or shine. It nearly wipes off if I touch my face once my skin gets oily. This leads to me taking it off as soon as I get home from class. It also transfers really bad even when I have just put it on. This foundation may work if you have dry skin, but if you are oily or even normal, I would recommend staying away. I’m glad I only lost five bucks by purchasing this foundation. I am giving this category a score of 2.

**I wasn’t sure where to include this in the post, but the foundation has a terribly strong scent that smells like paint. Makeup that has a scent usually doesn’t bother me, but this was a very strong scent that was impossible for me to ignore. Because of this, I am subtracting one point from the total amount of points.

The total score of this foundation is a 6.2. That means this foundation receives a “C” rating.

I hope you all enjoyed this review! As always, let me know if you have tried this foundation and if it worked for you because, of course, just because it didn’t work for me, doesn’t mean it won’t work for some of you. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!