Tips on How to Stop Procrastinating

Procrastinating is something that many students struggle with, and it isn’t something you can just stop doing in one day. It is a habit and with all habits, it takes time to make a change. I listed some tips and ways you can successfully stop procrastinating if you truly want to make a change.

Think about what makes a task meaningful -why do you want/need to do the task

Break big projects up into smaller sections -if you have a ten-page paper to write, break it down into a page a day or something similar. Smaller tasks are less daunting

Write down your intentions

Tell other people -it’s harder to not do something once you have told someone that you are doing it. No one wants to be a person who goes back on their word

Find rewards for yourself -whether it be short-term goal rewards or long-term goal rewards, rewards are a good motivator

Do it now

If you really aren’t going to do it, just quit pretending you will

Figure out the ways you use to procrastinate -for example, I personally procrastinate by spending a large amount of time organizing my desk or cleaning my room before I will start a task. Since I know this is a way I procrastinate, I can stop myself from doing it.

What is your procrastination style? (see above)

Trick yourself into getting started

Take action and see if it makes you feel more like doing it -often times once I get started on an assignment, I like to keep going and attempt to finish and get it done. 

Plan ahead for a few weeks or months -planners are key!

Change one small thing at a time -remember this will be a gradual change