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A Few of My Favorite Beauty Books

Hey, my lovely readers! It’s been a couple days since I posted because I couldn’t decide what I should post next. I’ve been wanting to incorporate books here on my website somehow because I love books and reading. The idea suddenly came to me that I should tell you guys about a few of my favorite beauty books so I could get the best of both worlds. These are a few that I really love.

   Lauren Conrad Style

First of all, I love Lauren Conrad. I think she is absolutely stunning and so graceful. I didn’t know much about her until I bought this book, but I am so glad I did. This is actually the first beauty book I ever purchased and I think it was such a great buy. This particular book of hers is more about fashion than beauty (like makeup and skincare) but it honestly has so much useful information. I think it is perfect for a beginner in the fashion world because it covers a lot of basics. If you know a lot about clothes and that sort of thing, I would find a book that’s a little more advanced. In this book, she talks about key pieces everyone needs to have in their wardrobe, the different types of jeans and which will work best for you, shopping tips, all kinds of accessories, fool-proof outfits for things like date nights, and even multiple ways to mix patterns. Those are only a few of the many topics she covers in the fashion part of this book. She also includes a couple beauty chapters on makeup and hair. Overall, this really is a great book since it covers a variety of topics and I highly recommend it. Oh, and I forgot to mention that this book is a best seller on Amazon! Here is a link where you can purchase off of Amazon if you would like: Lauren Conrad Style.

   Lauren Conrad Beauty

Okay, so I feel like this goes to show just how much I loved her first book to go out and purchase this one as soon as it released. I knew if I liked “Style” as much as I did, then I would love this one because this one is based on makeup, skincare, and hair which I prefer over fashion and style. In this book, she covers skin care, hair care, hairstyles, makeup basics and makeup looks for different occasions, stress, and even fitness and food. She even has a chapter on nails. I truly love this book still to this day and refer back to it often. I think depending on whether you are more into beauty or fashion should decide which book of hers you pick up. I really can’t recommend this book enough considering all the useful information it includes and the stunning pictures. If you would be interested in purchasing this book, here is a link to where you can buy it off of Amazon: Lauren Conrad Beauty.

   The One Hundred by Nina Garcia

This book contains so much information it’s honestly crazy. It’s another fashion book instead of beauty, but I still love it and find it useful. The book talks about the 100 items that Nina Garcia believes will never go out of style from A-line dresses to zippered hoodies. She covers it all from A to Z. It has an easy to use contents to quickly find what you’re looking for. This is a must have book if you are into fashion or clothes of any sort. Here’s a link if you want to check it out yourself: The One Hundred: A Guide to the Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own.

Alright so those are a few of my favorite beauty-related books and I hope you got something useful from reading the post. If you were looking for a beauty book to buy I hope this helped you out. If you guys liked this post be sure to let me know and I will try to post more like it in the future. Thanks so much for reading and I hope to hear from you all soon! Have a wonderful day!

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