Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2017

If you are someone who isn’t great at the whole gift-giving thing, you aren’t alone. In fact, I’m right there with you. Whether it be for family or friends, I always feel so much pressure to find the perfect gift and end up overthinking each thing I pick out. So I figured I’d try and help some of you out by sitting down and searching the web for some gifts that I think most moms will love. I also will try to include links to everything to make it extra easy to order them and get them shipped right to your door in time to give out on Mother’s Day. I hope you enjoy my gift guide!

  1. Face Masks– Face masks are such an easy gift that I think all moms, all women, to be honest, will absolutely love. Everyone loves a little pampering especially our moms who are always doing so much. For this, you have a couple options. You can get a high-end mask or a more affordable one. This is completely up to you and your budget. I have personally never tried them but I aways here such great things about the GlamGlow masks. They have many different kinds to choose from. You can purchase these from Sephora. For a more affordable option, I highly recommend checking out some of the masks by the Brand Freeman. I’ve actually reviewed a couple of these already so be sure to check them out. For other pampering gifts, there are lots of spa gift sets you can purchase online. Here is a link to the Freeman Beauty website:
  2. Personalized throw blanket– I’ve actually gotten my mom this gift before and she absolutely loved it. If your mother isn’t particularly fond of blankets, this website has endless amounts of other personalized gifts. I think personalized gift are so special and they are definitely a go-to of mine. When I ordered from this website it didn’t take long at all for it come in which is another plus. Here is a link to the blanket, but like I said, be sure to check out some of there other personalized items. I’m sure you’ll find something perfect for you mother.
  3. Candles– This is a basic gift, but I think it’s also one that most moms will love. Everyone loves a great-smelling home. You could even buy a bundle of candles and make a gift basket. For a cheaper alternative, feel free to make your own candles. There are tons of blog posts and YouTube videos on how to make DIY candles so check those out if you are on a budget. Another option would be Scentsy or other wickless candle options.
  4. Jewelry– This is another gift option that could go many ways. Depending on what type of jewelry your mom likes to wear, you can get her a necklace, watch, bracelet, or earrings. Another great way to make this more special is to personalize it. You could get her a necklace that says “Mom”, or maybe even get the jewelry engraved with all of her children’s names on it. There are obviously many places you can purchase jewelry from, but if you are wanting to get something personalized or engraved, I highly recommend Etsy. There are lots of great shops on there that will be able to make you just what you need. Here is a link to Etsy:
  5. Make her a favorite food– This is obviously a very affordable option if you are on a budget. You could cook your mom her favorite food or dessert, or maybe even cook her a whole meal. She will love getting to relax while someone else does the cooking, and I know she will love the effort you put into this gift as well. You don’t have to be an expert cook to do this, just do your best and I’m sure she will adore that you put in the effort for her.
  6. Keurig– This is a great gift if you have money to spare and your mom is a coffee drinker. You can also brew hot chocolate in a Keurig as well. A lot of people own these nowadays, but if your mom doesn’t, this is a perfect gift for her. I own one myself and I absolutely love it. It is convenient to pop a K-cup into the machine, press a button, and have your coffee ready for you in less than a minute. You can get a Keurig machine for less than $100, just look around at different stores and find the best deal. Keurig is also having a Mother’s Day sale and bundle options so take advantage of those savings! Here is a link to the Keurig website:
  7. Travel Mug– This is such a great gift because more than likely she will use it often. Whether it be for water, coffee, or whatever else she drinks, it will definitely come in handy. My personal favorites are the ones that can keep drinks both hot or cold for long periods of time. You have many options with this gift because there are so many brands that make these types of mugs. I personally own a Yeti and so does my mom. We both love them and use them almost daily. Other brands that make travels cups like this are RTIC and Ozark Trail, RTIC being the more popular I believe. There are also multiple mugs like this at stores like Walmart if you are on a budget. Here is a link to the Yeti website: You can also purchase them from Academy. Do your research on the different brands, and find the one you think your mom will like best! Also, if you don’t think your mom would get much use out of an insulated mug, you could get her a traditional water bottle.
  8. Book or journal– An easy gift if your mom is a reader would be to go pick up a book or two that you think she might like. If you aren’t sure what she would like, try picking up books out of the best sellers section. If she isn’t much of a reader, try getting her a journal to write in. Bullet journaling is a new trend that a lot of people seem to enjoy. Another option would be to get her a nice planner if she doesn’t have one already. Planners are life savers, and I’m sure your mom would appreciate a gift that will help her organize her busy life.
  9. Take her to dinner– This kind of adds on to number five. If you don’t want to cook her a meal, you could take her to her favorite restaurant. This is a simple gift that I am sure she would enjoy.
  10. Take her to the nail salon– I do not know any mom who wouldn’t enjoy this gift. Offer to take her to the nail salon and both of you could get manicures and pedicures together. Not only is it a fun time being pampered, but you are also getting to spend time together, which is something she will greatly enjoy.

    That concludes my Mother’s Day gift guide for 2017. I hope that you found a gift that will be perfect for your mom! Don’t forget that spending time with your mom on Mother’s Day is much more important than any gift you could give. Thanks for stopping by and I hope to hear from you guys soon!

*P.S. – I will not making any commission if you purchase from the links I provided.