Blog Updates

Hey, guys! Today’s post will be different from any post I’ve done before so I hope you don’t mind. Basically, I wanted to sit down and talk a little bit about some updates that may be coming up on my blog.

When I originally started this blog (about a month and a half ago) I planned on my focus being beauty, but also having a lifestyle category for posts that weren’t beauty related. I have come to realize that while I love beauty and will continue to put up beauty posts, my life consists of multiple other things that I am passionate about, all of which I would like to try and incorporate here on my blog. One of my main other passions right now is college so I would really love to talk more about my college experience and even be able to give advice and tips to others. I think it would be neat to do end of semester updates and talk about study tips and tips for finals since that is something I am currently going through myself.

Another big surprise is that my boyfriend and I are getting a puppy! We are so excited to get her next week! We are picking her up on Thursday, May 18th, and we can hardly wait. I know that I would love to be able to blog about our puppy, do reviews on different dog supplies, and maybe even do DIY projects for dog supplies. I am very curious to see what you guys think about this. 

I really want to be able to incorporate all of my passions here on my blog, but I do not want to it to become overwhelming for my readers. I really would love to hear your thoughts and opinions. If you don’t want to comment below then feel free to send me an email through the contact tab above. I’ll talk to you all next time! XOXO